Garden Gnome Couple Adds A Cute Delight To Your Garden

The garden gnome couple can be an ideal choice of garden gnome to add romanticism to your yard. As been since decades, the male gnomes are depicted to have pointed hats and are said to smoke pipes, whereas the female gnomes are said to wear specs and bright pointed hats.

A gnome is categorized according to its pastime activity. If you are planning to buy, consider the following aspects:

A couple gnome may refer to a male and female gnome together. The favorite pastimes depicted in a garden gnome may be fishing, playing cards, napping.

When you bring garden gnomes in couple, be it male and female, male and male or female and female, your backyard receives a more playful outlook – this will make more pleasure.
The multiple figures display a chirpy and lively environment with a combination of adored impressionism and romanticism. The other forms of bright and exotic couple gnomes are capable to render an equivalent chirp to your garden.

Can Couple Gnome Be Used As Funny Gnome

Yes you can use a couple gnome as funny garden gnome! The sit of gnomes posing as a couple is funny and cute. Gnomes are a small non-living humanoid figure that had been serving as an elegant addition to a yard since a number of decades is as popular a choice as the beautiful flower plants for decorating your garden in a unique way.

Napco 12-Inch Tall Sitting Gnome Couple
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As determined by the old myths, the garden gnomes are powered with protection of your garden from evil magic. However, with modern concept, the uses of gnomes lie in delivering an ornamented outlook to your garden.

The Ideal Gnomes For Your Yard

The garden gnomes themselves with their pointed hats and playful postures add an elegant outlook to your garden. There is a variety of gnomes available, but you have to choose the ideal ones for your garden, which is efficient to display the theme that well coordinates with your garden surroundings.

The funny garden statues when stand in your lawn in the mid of flowering plants and trees, it depicts as if the garden is always receiving a company, and is never alone in the lonely intervals of the day and is having someone to take care of, even though you are out of the house for some work. So place order for garden gnome couple today.

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Product Summary:Handmade Garden Gnomes by Pixieland, Dartmoor. Our wedding couple gnomes are handmade from concrete, lovingly hand-painted with special outdoor acrylic paints which will last for many years in all weathers. Pixieland have been making their gnomes for nearly 70 years. Colours/ Styles can be chosen and adapted to suit your wedding couple. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ITEMS ARE COMISSION PIECES. DUE TO THIS THEY CAN TAKE UP TO 4 WEEKS TO PRODUCE.

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