A Whole Gnome Set For Garden Decoration – Get A Whole Gnome Family

Gnome garden set is a whole collection of the funny garden gnomes. There are father mother and child gnomes that creates a family and offer fun, fun and more fun.


Set For Garden Decoration

Using garden statue set for garden decoration is more funny option than using funny garden gnome in individual. The most important fact regarding the set of gnomes is that you get all the variation in the form of family. It can be a family of tropical gnome, gnome rain gauge or mooning garden gnomes.

Just imagine a family of the mooning sculptures for garden at the center of your garden or yard. All the old and young members of the family are standing in an awkward motion to wish you and your guest good morning. Well, this is though not an accepted way of greeting good morning, but for fun, it’s just ok.

Sleeping Garden Gnome
No other scene can be as funny as when you see a set of garden gnomes sleeping amid the branches of trees. Some of the gnomes set come with various kits for a relaxing sleep. Thus when you hang the gnome set on the trees you get the see it quietly sleeping and looking funny.

Garden Gnome Couple
Gnomes set for a garden is available in the form of couples. The manufacturers of these gnomes are including both male and female in the collection because the distinct dresses appeal of the individual gnomes will deliver a more funny appeal.

To Shop For The Gnomes
When you are purchasing a set to decorate your garden you must opt for the quality ingredients that will worth your pay. Thus, you should:

  • Choose the set that looks good in both indoor and outdoor. In that case you don’t need to pay extra money to purchase other funny set for indoor.
  • If you want to prepare a funny gnomes set on your own then collect one from individual species and make a group. It will give the opportunity to show your creativity, along with saving the money.
Sale Price:£24.99
Brand:Smart Solar
Product Summary:These cool Smart Solar Garden Gnomes can introduce character as well as a little light to any garden area. A set of three gnomes each one a different character Features an integral solar panel that powers the spotlights at night The spotlights turn on automatically at night Can last for up to six hours on a full charge Includes on / off switch These is a delightful set of three Garden Gnomes and the solar light aspect is a terrific value added feature. A perfect gift for anyone looking to freshen up there outdoor area ahead of the warmer months. Measures approximately H13cm

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