Modern Solar Gnomes For Backyard And Garden – The Guard That Gives Light And Protect Treasure

Solar garden gnomes come with solar lamps. These gnomes like many a few others look good at different places along with the garden.

At present variation is available in every wings of life and funny garden gnomes ideas are no more different in this regard. Solar garden statues are one of the specials kinds of the funny gnomes that offer enough lighting, blending it with the organic funny look of the mythological gnome creatures. The solar gnomes for gardens capture the sunlight and break forth it even when the sun sets.

Demands of the solar lamped gnomes are increasing because of the use of the solar lamps. They look equally cute like other major funny garden gnomes, but offer more bright lighting in comparison.

Some Funny Gnomes

The funny gnomes with solar lamps are available in variety of styles and designs. There are gnomes that hold the solar lamps on the shoulder and look like a watchman. If you are looking for funny watchman for your garden, this is exactly for you. Then there is the rider gnomes that rides on the solar lamps and moves at different directions. These are a few in mentions but don’t feel disappointed as you have plenty of choices.

3 Multi-Coloured Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Novelty Gnome Lights
Sale Price: £26.99
(as of 07/23/2021 07:56 PST - Details)


Benefits Of Using The Solar Statues

There are several benefits of using the solar lamped garden gnomes. Though popular as garden gnomes, the solar lamped funny statues can be used in:

  • Camper
  • RV
  • Inside House
  • Offices

Or in any other venues where light decoration is required.

For Perfect Lighting

You can consider using the solar–powered funny statues if you want enough of lighting in the garden. Though electrics lights are there but it will cost you a few bucks to use the electric energy and to decorate the garden with electric lights. You can thus save money and have more fun using the statues.

Solar Lighting For Easy Fixture

Unlike traditional lighting, you don’t require any messy wiring to fix the lights. Thus, the funny garden gnomes solar lamps offer you effortless lighting along with entertainment value.

Sale Price:n/a
Brand:Outdoor Living
Product Summary:Lovely Ceramic Garden Gnome, Apx 28cm Tall - Beautifully Made & Supplied Boxed.
Sale Price:£24.79
Product Summary:Description: 
Beautiful solar lamp in the shape of a garden gnome. 
Beautify your outdoor area with these solar lamp. 
Thanks the IP44 luminaire is protected against splash water and thus ideal for outdoor use.
The LED bulb is included. 

o Solar Light 
o Material: Plastic 
o Degree of protection: IP44 
o Ni MH AA 600mAh, 1.2V 
o Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (mm) 190 x 148 x 290 
o 1x LED, 0.07 watts, 0.2 volts, yellow 
o LED Bulb included
Sale Price:n/a
Product Summary:This GardenKraft LED Solar Gnome is sure to stand out in your garden, and will look at home in any area of the garden or stood on any patio. It is solid design and construction and has a very realistic look about it. The lighting effect is sure to liven up your patios, decking, driveways and flowerbeds, and is in 2 colours, red and blue. No wiring or installation is required. It has an on/off switch on the base but turns on when dark.

It measures approximately 31cm in height and requires 1 x AAA Rechargeable battery, included.

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