Ideal Garden Gnome Costumes For The Toddlers

Garden gnome costumes for the toddlers have to be elegant with the utmost funny elements. A toddler garden gnome costume does not need to possess maturity. A garden gnome costume for a toddler is all about displaying brightness, liveliness and chirp.

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Flower Garden Gnome Toddler Costume (2T)
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Funny Toddler Costumes

As usual, your toddler may also be very fond of the garden gnomes and might ask you to dress him or her up in the costumes of the little fascinating creature.

Alternatively, you yourself may possess the idea of dressing up your toddler for the fancy dress show at his or her school.

The toddler costumes have to be bright and very attractive – it may or should look funny; they do not need to be maturely contrasting or matching but elegant.
Types And Varieties

  • A bright leather jacket of light shades with floppy and loose trousers is a good choice. A pointed hat with white beard and small rubber shoes of bright colors like red and orange is an ideal garden gnome makeover for your toddler boy.
  • A checked full-sleeved shirt or tee shirt with knee length floppy and rounded skirts, a pointed hat, white hair and specs would be a good gnome costume for your little toddler girl. Choose the shoes of bright colors like red, warm pink and orange.

Wide Ranges Of Costume Ideas

There are wide ranges of gnome costume ideas for the toddlers. You can easily choose upon the one that your little dear toddler gets attracted to. Your toddler has to admire and be comfortable in the dress you choose for him/her.

The garden gnome makeovers for the toddlers have to display the exact funny person of the little non-living humanoid figures. In addition, the endorsement of a garden gnome costume is easier for the toddler as they are as little and cute as the funny garden gnomes.

Sale Price:£10.14
Product Summary:Kids Sizes: 3-4 Years (110-122cm); 5-7 Years (122-134cm); 8-10 Years (134-146cm)
The kids Funny Garden Gnome costume
Includes shirt with attached waistcoat, trousers, belt & fabric hat
Flowers not included
Keep away from fire
sponge clean only

Size/Age Size Information
3 - 4 years Height: 110-122cm. Chest: 61cm. Waist: 57cm.
5 - 7 years Height: 122-134cm. Chest: 67cm. Waist: 60cm.
8 - 10 years Height: 134-146cm. Chest: 73cm. Waist: 63cm.

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